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Hi!I'd like to search and replace in Google Analytics view filter all my Request URIs in such a way that just the article id remains (plus, to add an "a-" before the ID).Example URIs: /raksts/sievietem/281750-ilona-balode-par-dzivi-ar-udriti-no-mums-beg-ka-no-grimstosa-kuga/raksts/zinas/281427-video-izskatas-ka-spelu-automatu-atkariba-baibu-strautmani-nelaiz-vala/raksts/arzemes/282070-pasauli-savilno-mazas-princeses-sarlotes-emocijas-karaliskajas-kazas/raksts/izklaide/280379-turpinas-tirisana-jrt-maru-kimeli-atlaiz-hermana-sieva-aiziet-patiThe result I'm after:a-281750a-281427a-282070a-280379Here it works like a charm, Regex being:'\/raksts\/\D+(\d+).+'Substitution being:'a-$1'But when I apply them to a GA filter, the checker tells me that the filter wouldn't have changed any data.Not sure if I need to do this in GA - Data Studio would do too, the endgame being exported article IDs for our IT guys to implement in our editorial interface through Google API.Probably a dumb question for which I apologize, but really stuck, so any help would be appreciated.

kmuravjovs (0) - 9 months ago - 0 replies 0

regex that ignore ' in word

hi, how can i do regex like that:i have the word holdem i want to selectholdem , hold'em ,ho'ldem , holde'mthanks

orbens (0) - 1 year ago - 1 replies 1